Joe & Vick have been making their own brand of blues music for decades. Hailing from Iowa, this husband & wife duo spend more time on the road then some musicians half their age.  Their take on the traditiuonal blues is unique and authentic at the same time. Their sound takes you down tto a juke joint in Mississippi over 100 years ago, where there was no air conditioning, the beer was warm and the songs are bathed in mud.


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There is a joyful noise coming from the front of Joe and Vicki Price’s house as the duo wrangle, wrestle, and call to order musical chaos. Night Owls, their most recent release, savors its recording echoes, speaker distortions, and ambient noise tha

t is as much a part of the album as Joe Price’s Blues as he gives elasticity to the tunes. Rubbery rhythm strums and foot stomps mark the beat on “Sad Luck and Trouble”, determined percussion taps and firefly fast notes are the ingredients of “Whoopee Pie” as the guitar pops like a thermometer in July heat for “High Blood Pressure”. Joe and Vicki Price carry a well-lit torch in Iowa for Delta Blues. Vicki Price complements Joe’s guitar work with Country Blues vocals as she warns to watch out for the pie stealing “Fat Cat”, haunts “Bones” with a stalking vocal that wanders like mist, and fires up a barn dance burner with “Honey”.  ALTERNATE ROOT  By Danny McCloskey  6/18/2015





Right from jump-street, the electrifying sound of Joe Price hits you in all the places you live, a one-man blues tornado who can pack, command and wring-out a dance-floor with the authority of an eight-piece show band.  His own deep and varied bag of original music is so formidable that noted Grammy-award nominated singer/songwriter Greg Brown has long referred to Joe as “the Buddha.”

Vicki’s powerful bluesy voice evokes an image of a woman in a 1920’s speakeasy singing her heart out.  She is a more conventional (quite good) guitar player than Joe and a song writer of some talent.  She is a women who can be summoned to the stage (seemingly at a moments notice, this is no “act”) to jump onto the freight train that is Joe’s current musical number.  

The duos last release “Rain or Shine” won the Independent Music Award for best blues CD of 2009.  It received rave reviews in the Chicago Sun Times, Blues Review and Vintage Guitar among others.  Joe is a member of the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame and the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was a finalist in the International Blues Challenge in 2008. The couple has opened for such notables as  John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon, Homesick James, Honeyboy Edwards, Louisiana Red, Al Green, Greg Brown and Iris DeMent in their 32 years together. 









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  • Aug 25
    Lincoln Wine Bar,  Mt. Vernon
  • Aug 26
    The Flatted Fifth Blues & BBQ,  Bellevue
  • Aug 27
    Franklin Street Brewing,  Manchester
  • Sep 3
    Mary Lou's,  Cedar Falls
  • Sep 9
    The Root Note,  La Crosse