"Joe & Vick have been making their own brand of blues music for decades. Hailing from Iowa, this husband & wife duo spend more time on the road then some musicians half their age.  Their take on the traditiuonal blues is unique and authentic at the same time. Their sound takes you down tto a juke joint in Mississippi over 100 years ago, where there was no air conditioning, the beer was warm and the songs are bathed in mud." Jody Hendrix - Little Class Records


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 There is a joyful noise coming from the front of Joe and Vicki Price’s house as the duo wrangle, wrestle,    and call to order musical chaos. Night Owls, their most recent release, savors its recording echoes, speaker distortions, and ambient noise that is as much a part of the album as Joe Price’s Blues as he gives elasticity to the tunes. Rubbery rhythm strums and foot stomps mark the beat on “Sad Luck and Trouble”, determined percussion taps and firefly fast notes are the ingredients of “Whoopee Pie” as the guitar pops like a thermometer in July heat for “High Blood Pressure”. Joe and Vicki Price carry a well-lit torch in Iowa for Delta Blues. Vicki Price complements Joe’s guitar work with Country Blues vocals as she warns to watch out for the pie stealing “Fat Cat”, haunts “Bones” with a stalking vocal that wanders like mist, and fires up a barn dance burner with “Honey”.  ALTERNATE ROOT  By Danny McCloskey  6/18/2015




"Excellent musicianship.  They have appeared at our home 3 times.  Audience interaction is good.  Experienced entertainers who know how to pace a show and handle and audience.  Communication for the show was easy to set up."  J.D. Miller Tumwater House Concerts 2016

"A tornado of rootsy blues with 1920's speakeasy vocals.  Refreshing as a mint julep on a hot summers day.  People are still talking about the last time they were here.  You don't want to miss this show."  Allen Grace - Crazy Horse Saloon - Grass Valley, CA 2016

"I saw you guys at the Crazy Horse Saloon last night and this morning, unlike other mornings after going there, I'm really glad I went in that bar.  I had had a tough day and you guys really made my night.  Thank you for being out there doing what your doing."  Audren Tawaji - Grass Valley, CA 2016

"Joe and Vicki Price are the best blues duo I've seen.  Joe is a phenomenal guitar player.  He's Jimmy Hendricks incarnate, with R.L. Burnside tendencies.  His wife Vicki has a voice the same caliber as Etta James and Ella Fitgerald.  You would be blessed to have them, I'll stake my reputation on it." Joe Dooda Hillgrass Bluebilly Records Arizonia 2012

"I and speaking for my wife Iris DeMente, which I rarely get to do and she says, that this guy right her, Joe Price and his lovely wife Vicki are her favorite performing people and they are mine to by the way."  Greg Brown, Iowa Grammy nominated folk singer 2012








 Banner Photo by Peter Lee

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